How is Online Marketing Different?

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How is online marketing different than traditional marketing?

How is Online Marketing Different?

Online marketing varies significantly to traditional marketing techniques primarily because online marketing promotion has a much broader reach in terms of attracting customers. Unlike traditional marketing that tends to reach a general audience, online marketing messages can be targeted to specific people based on what those users type as keywords into a search engine, allowing an online marketing business to better understand how to customize marketing messages.

Online marketing includes Internet marketing tools, such as geo marketing, which studies specific behavior and interests of those who are surfing the Internet. Hence, an Internet marketing strategy would create ads and post them on sites related to a specific interest because they know people with those interests would most likely visit those websites. Online marketing can use techniques that pinpoint where a website visitor lives so that content and advertising can be generated that attracts people in that country, state, or city as well as within different age groups or cultures. In this way, the Internet and marketing techniques work together to more effectively sell products and services.



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