The World of Search Engine Marketing

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What is search engine marketing?

The World of Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of many types of Internet marketing that is being used today in place of traditional marketing efforts. It focuses on increasing website visibility on the search engine result pages when users enter specific keywords. There are a number of ecommerce marketing tactics that fall under the major heading of search engine marketing, including search engine optimization, paid placement, paid inclusion, and contextual advertising. Essentially, search engine marketing services involve the purchase of paid search listings that improve the ranking of a company within a search engine. Because of the complexity of search engine marketing, most companies look to a search engine marketing consultant or a search engine marketing firm to assist them with the creation of an effective ecommerce marketing program.

A search engine marketing job has also evolved to include many aspects of SEM, including the development of PPC search engine Internet marketing programs and related tactics that are designed to increase awareness on the Internet about different companies with a Web presence.



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