Key Questions for an SEO Provider

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What should I ask a SEO provider before hiring them?

Key Questions for an SEO Provider

Before hiring an SEO provider, or if you currently are using a web site optimization service, there are some key questions you should ask. Some questions to ask an SEO provider involve what optimization techniques they use to achieve measurable and quantifiable results. Because there is so much unethical behavior within Internet marketing professionals, the SEO provider should explain how they provide professional SEO and how they can ensure that search engines will not blacklist your website.

In terms of link building, ask the SEO provider if they are using a link farm because soon this process will be penalized and websites using this type of link building will be banned from all major search engines. Also, ask the SEO provider what type of analytics they will be conducting on their efforts and how will this data be supplied and explained to assure you that SEO marketing is working for your website.



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