Proven Success of Online Marketing

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How has online marketing proven to be successful?

Proven Success of Online Marketing

The successes of online marketing business has allowed for industry growth as well as popularity amongst consumers. While still a considerably new method of consumerism, successful internet marketing promotions have led to triumphs for online marketing businesses over traditional stores. An example of such could be shown with the thriving successes of online music stores (Amazon, Apple iTunes) while overall sales have slumped in music retailers that rely on a physical visit from a customer (Target, Best Buy).

Internet marketing can also be used to promote people or things (music bands, et al.) via social networking page and has even been used to promote political candidates. This method uses many methods including (but not limited to) bulk email marketing to target specific members of the public based upon their tastes, views, likings and tendencies and solicits them for page views, traffic, votes, etc. This is now a proven method to solicit a larger audience allowing one to reach more people than traditional methods.



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