What is Search Engine Optimization?

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What is search engine optimization?

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (search engine optimization) drives traffic to a specific site based upon words or keywords searched by internet users. Search engine optimization also makes use of optimizing position of the presented link by preferably placing a link to a site utilizing SEO in a high visible area. By presenting a link and redirecting users based upon searched keywords, those making use of search engine optimization services are able to target specific audience and people with those doing the searching finding them instead of the other way around. Search engine optimization provides a natural experience for internet search engine users. Organic SEO connects internet users and sites based upon users seeking out the website based on keywords. This natural connection is less obtrusive than driving an unwanted user to a site they were not looking for. Successful search engine optimization can also help a site start link building based upon search engine keyword results.



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