White Hat and Black Hat SEO

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What are two categories for search engine optimization techniques?

White Hat and Black Hat SEO

All of the available search engine optimization services generally fall into one of two categories (though some may be considered a little of both): white hat search engine optimization and black hat search engine optimization. Those that fall into the white hat (named such because of classic film hero characters who would wear white hats) category are generally those that use search engine optimization techniques that are non-deceptive and follow the unwritten rules. Black hat (named after film and comic "evil" characters dressed in black) search optimization techniques are ones that are aggressive, deceptive and seeking immediate results with little to no consideration for long-term effects. While search engines and moderators often are able to eventually detect the malicious activities of those utilizing black hat search optimization techniques, often times black hat techniques can be effective for at least a short period of time.



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