Search Engine Friendly Design

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What is search engine friendly design?

Search Engine Friendly Design

A positive search engine optimization campaign will not only match a site or advertiser with the proper search engine optimization provider, but will also design a website with a search engine friendly design.

A search engine friendly designed website will most importantly be a site providing exactly what the search engine indicated that it would. That means that if someone clicks a link searching for information on a certain subject, that is what they will find after being redirected. Many web users have become savvy to black hat techniques and will quickly leave a site if it appears they have been sent to an erroneous site attempting to persuade them with other information.

Search engine friendly design also indicates that the proper words are used as keywords for the search engine listings. The most relevant keywords should be chosen for the search engine to target a particular website. Often times a popular, non-related keyword will be chosen for inclusion on popular web searches but vigilant search engine moderators hopefully catch this.



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