Using Affiliate Marketing

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How can one use affiliate marketing.

Using Affiliate Marketing

Another one of the many Internet marketing techniques is affiliate marketing. This web marketing strategy involves generating traffic from a link or redirection from another like-minded site. A link could be placed strategically on a site with a similar target audience in exchange for an incentive (pay, equal placement on your site). Many times a consumer is also offered an incentive for using a link instead of directly visiting a site (i.e. 10% off while using this link or presenting this promo code). This web marketing strategy is mainly incentive based, both for the consumer as well as the link provider.

Affiliate marketing is different from other online marketing strategies in that its effectiveness is often times very easy to trace and keep track of. Also business derived from a provided link (or via promo codes, etc.) can be tracked and noted to see which were most effective and which drove in little to know traffic or business. This bit of online marketing research allows a site or business to plan for future marketing on the web.



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