Speak Directly to Intended Audience

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Must a press release speak directly to a specific audience?

Speak Directly to Intended Audience

While online press releases and marketing articles are aimed at reaching out to a broad audience, knowing the specific audience is important for a business or site to reach the right consumers. A press release should provide the target audience with information on services or products that they cannot find anywhere else and point out how these products and services are essential, unique and perfect for them.
A press release promotion should be broad, seek to hit all corners of the Internet and reach consumers who may not always able to be reached (leaving no stone unturned). But the press release promotion will not be effective if the press release is not clear on how the products and / or services are unique and essential to a specific audience. If the press release is broad like the promotion, it will easily be overlooked and forgotten. If it is targeted and clear, the press release distribution will take on a life of its own thanks to consumers passing the information to other like-minded individuals, groups and networks.



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