Using Social Networking Tools for Press Release Promotion

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How can social networking sites help online press distribution?

Using Social Networking Tools for Press Release Promotion

Social networking sites give the advantage of access to networks of like-minded consumers and groups. After crafting an online press release, a site or business can then approach these networks of consumers or groups (via social networking sites) with their press release detailing their products and / or services and why they are needed.

One method of press release promotion would include creating a presence on social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) where consumers can receive up to date information, news and press releases from a site or company. A site or company can also offer incentives for a consumer to add them to their network thus creating a new network of consumers interested in your product or services. This is now a network formed ready for each press release distribution and it is now very simple for this network and the distribution list to grow.



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