Drive Traffic to Your Press Release Utilizing Established Sites

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What are some organic ways to drive traffic to the press release?

Drive Traffic to Your Press Release Utilizing Established Sites

Besides utilizing search engines and social networks, a site or business can promote an online press release or marketing articles by sending out the information themselves to high traffic sites. With the inclusion of a little information and a link, a site can drive traffic and visibility to their online press release.
Posting comments with a link or even getting editorial mentions on other sites can help with press release promotion. A business or site should include high traffic sites and popular web destinations in their online press release distribution lists. The ideal scenario would be inclusion of a link to the online press release within editorial content. Visitors to a high traffic, well-read site would see the link and have the option of following the link to the online press release for more information. Leaving a link in a comment section of a popular article can also prove to be an effective press release marketing strategy where readers of a popular article can find a comment with some information as well as a link to follow for more information.



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