The Scope of Online Marketing Services

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What should be included in online marketing services?

The Scope of Online Marketing Services

In scoping out online marketing services, most Internet marketing business providers should include some basic features and value-added services as part of their packages. Look for online marketing services that offer a wide variety of Internet marketing tools across online marketing services packages that are tiered for various needs and budgets.

Examples of Internet marketing tools might include an advanced tracking system, traffic statistics, submissions to search engines, Web traffic analysis, and search engine monitoring and reporting at the domain level.

Online marketing services should also offer registration, generation, and management of key words with pay-per-click as well as search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, paid search marketing, incentive marketing, newsletter management, viral marketing, and permission-based marketing and management. Also helpful is for online marketing services to include some value-added services, such as self service SEO tools that help you perform some of your own search engine optimization and analysis.



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