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How must a press release present itself to gain optimal distribution?

Be Important

The most important aspect to press release promotion is the importance of the actual press release. If a press release contains information, products or services that cannot be readily provided somewhere else, online press release distribution will grow rapidly and beyond the barriers of pushing a subject matter found hundreds of other places.

The key to making a press release and its subject essential is in the writing. Those writing an online press release should make certain that the verbiage of the press release indicates to the consumer and reader that the information, products and services is not only unique but essential to their lives. This is a version of the old fashioned 'word of mouth' campaigns where one person told one person and it grew from their. Utilizing the Internet, this type of campaign can grow faster and larger than the traditional method but only if the information being passed is essential and desirable.

What are some organic ways to drive traffic to the press release?

Drive Traffic to Your Press Release Utilizing Established Sites

Besides utilizing search engines and social networks, a site or business can promote an online press release or marketing articles by sending out the information themselves to high traffic sites. With the inclusion of a little information and a link, a site can drive traffic and visibility to their online press release.
Posting comments with a link or even getting editorial mentions on other sites can help with press release promotion. A business or site should include high traffic sites and popular web destinations in their online press release distribution lists. The ideal scenario would be inclusion of a link to the online press release within editorial content. Visitors to a high traffic, well-read site would see the link and have the option of following the link to the online press release for more information. Leaving a link in a comment section of a popular article can also prove to be an effective press release marketing strategy where readers of a popular article can find a comment with some information as well as a link to follow for more information.

How Important Is It to Reach Consumers Out of Your Target Audience?

Grab Attention of On-the-Fence Consumers

Appealing to a target audience is simple in the sense that a site or their online press release service should know what said audience is seeking. Reaching beyond that audience is often times the goal to receive larger online press release distribution. To do so, a site or business must grab the attention of not only the intended audience but anyone who has come across the online press release services (news mentions, blog posts, etc.).

A press release must be engaging, well written and present information, products or services that are unique to that business. What that information or those products or services are should be made clear in a way that alert those perusing the internet, possibly not by keyword searching. What are the benefits to those consumers to not only reading this online press release but also potentially doing business with the company behind the press release? How do you have the read past the link description or online press release headline? A press release author needs to present information that would grab the attention of any reader before they can describe their products and / or services.

How important is accuracy in press release promotion?

Maintain Accuracy

An online press release and marketing articles must be accurate in the information they present. Any attempts to optimize online press release distribution will be thwarted fast if the information a site or business is trying to present is known to be false or misleading. The foundation of press release promotion is factual statements about the product, services or information being touted in the online press release. With even a hint of misleading, "too good to be true," or inaccurate information being presented in a press release or press release promotion, consumers and readers will be turned off and there will be a low conversion rate (business will likely not be conducted).

Press releases should always strive to contain up to date and essential information as well as offer unique information, products or services but the most essential aspect to any press release is to be completely accurate.

How can social networking sites help online press distribution?

Using Social Networking Tools for Press Release Promotion

Social networking sites give the advantage of access to networks of like-minded consumers and groups. After crafting an online press release, a site or business can then approach these networks of consumers or groups (via social networking sites) with their press release detailing their products and / or services and why they are needed.

One method of press release promotion would include creating a presence on social networking sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) where consumers can receive up to date information, news and press releases from a site or company. A site or company can also offer incentives for a consumer to add them to their network thus creating a new network of consumers interested in your product or services. This is now a network formed ready for each press release distribution and it is now very simple for this network and the distribution list to grow.

Must a press release speak directly to a specific audience?

Speak Directly to Intended Audience

While online press releases and marketing articles are aimed at reaching out to a broad audience, knowing the specific audience is important for a business or site to reach the right consumers. A press release should provide the target audience with information on services or products that they cannot find anywhere else and point out how these products and services are essential, unique and perfect for them.
A press release promotion should be broad, seek to hit all corners of the Internet and reach consumers who may not always able to be reached (leaving no stone unturned). But the press release promotion will not be effective if the press release is not clear on how the products and / or services are unique and essential to a specific audience. If the press release is broad like the promotion, it will easily be overlooked and forgotten. If it is targeted and clear, the press release distribution will take on a life of its own thanks to consumers passing the information to other like-minded individuals, groups and networks.

How can keyword optimization help assist press release promotion?

Keyword Optimization

Optimizing keywords when crafting an online press release or marketing article will help generate traffic and lead to more eyes viewing the press release via searched keywords. Popular keywords pertaining to the subject of the online press release will drive traffic to the press release after Internet users search for the popular keywords.

Press release marketing begins with driving users to the press release and this can easily be achieved by appealing to the words that they would like to see. A focused and concise press release will include the keywords that are targeted by their demographic and provide them with not only the information they are looking for but also for a new destination to find desired products or services. Utilizing search engines to assist in press release promotion can be cost effective and time saving. This also may work faster and more efficiently than a word of mouth campaign.

What are the benefits to making a press release newsworthy?

Online Press Release Information Through News

Tailoring an online press release to appeal to a newsworthy subject a press release marketing tactic. If a subject of an online press release pertains to current news and events, it will not only most likely be searched but can also appear in news "feeders" that search every minute for updated news on a wide range of topics. Many Internet users subscribe to these feeders and get their news in that way.

A site should figure a way to make their subject newsworthy (an accomplishment for the company, new technology, etc.) and that can present itself as news. From there the online press release distribution will begin with the press release cycling as it is passed from person to person, feeder to feeder and as a result on search engines.

How does one create an online press release?

Creating Online Press Releases

An online press release must serve as a promotional vehicle but must not seem overtly promotional in order to generate interest. Those crafting an online press release or writing a marketing article must first focus on an attention-grabbing and informative headline as this is often all a reader or consumer will see. A compelling headline will draw a reader (and future consumer in) and may also present an opportunity for the consumer to pass the online press release on, therefore creating an organic form of press release promotion.

Utilizing the Internet for press releases allows a business to employ tactics not available to those using just plain paper. Video and rich graphics can be inserted into marketing articles and other attention-grabbing and desirable methods. The key though is for a well written, interesting and most importantly informative copy to entice a future consumer into continued reading and promotion.

How does one begin press release distribution?

How to Begin Press Release Distribution

Once a perfect press release or marketing article is written, it needs to be distributed. To optimally reach as wide an audience as possible (as well as many eyes as possible), a business or site will utilize the services of a company or provider for online press release services. There are some providers that charge for online press release service and there are also ways for a company or site to do press release promotion for free or on their own.

Their are benefits and limitations of both but the general thought is an experienced provider would be able to provide a business with wider and more knowledgeable distribution than a company attempting distribution on their own. There are free services available that can provide some help and success with press release distribution and promotion.

What are the limitations of online press release marketing?

Limitations of Online Press Releases

Marketing articles, online press releases, press release marketing and press release promotion are not without limitations. Consumers and Internet users often look for facts and unbiased opinions; press releases convey select opinions and thoughts put together to promote a product or service.

It is advisable to create marketing articles with a natural, non-aggressive tone in order to not put consumers and potential consumers in a defensive position. If information presented is factual and not appearing to be biased, a consumer is also likely to pass on the information to fellow consumers thus socially marketing a release and creating a social form of press release distribution. While optimum, this is difficult to achieve through marketing articles as an article would have to be written as a promotional vehicle but seem not overtly promotional.

What are the benefits of online press releases?

Benefits of Online Press Releases

Creating an online press release gives a site or business the opportunity to bring attention to (and hopefully drive traffic to) their site and recent additions or accomplishments. Using press release promotion, a site sends out information to a much broader audience than their targeted demographic with the hopes of reeling in a percentage of that broad audience and driving new traffic to a site.

Press release marketing also serves as a cost effective method for a site or business to generate interest in the activities or accomplishments they are promoting. Press release distribution can often time be handled at low cost as the material is just distributing through the Internet and not sending physical copies via regular mail.

Press release marketing also offers a one-sided marketing approach where a site or business can control all information presented without third party comments or negative feedback approaching the marketing articles.

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