The Good and Bad Versions of SEO

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How can SEO be used in a good and bad way.

The Good and Bad Versions of SEO

SEO can be effective and ineffective as defined by search engines. Many consider white hat SEO as an ethical web site optimization service, while citing black hat SEO for unacceptable practices. A white hat search engine optimization service will ensure good content that ranks the same with search engines as for users as well as promotes accessibility and follows the guidelines of search engines.

In contrast, search engine optimization companies that are referred to as black hats use deceptive practices to improve ranking, such as hidden text or cloaking. There is nothing wrong if a professional SEO company uses placement as a key marketing strategy because studies have shown that users tend to scan search results in a particular way. However, SEO must be done in such as way that it follows specific guidelines that have been established to ensure that SEO marketing is used ethically and fairly to ensure all companies retain the ability to take advantage of the numerous benefits that SEO offers.



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