Site Maintenance and Upkeep are Key

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How important is web site maintenance?

Site Maintenance and Upkeep are Key

One of the best online marketing tips is to keep a site working and up to date. All efforts spent marketing on the web will be useless if what the site consumers are redirected to is not up to date or is not working properly. As a consumer, you have many sites and businesses vying for your attention, business and commerce and if you arrive at a site and your expectations are not met or you have been mislead, you are most likely already on to the next opportunity.

Plenty of time, effort and work must be put into email marketing strategies and Internet marketing techniques but equal effort and time must be placed on the destination site. It is then only that the efforts of a marketing plan can totally come to fruition.

Site administrators should constantly be testing the functionality of the site as well as the design and appeal of the site. Any and all feedback should be taken into a consideration, especially from users and consumers.



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